Embracing the age of AI: Into the future of CX

Living in an age of artificial intelligence is a reality few thought would come to full fruition. The technology has changed the way the world learns, cementing itself as a key differentiator in the future of business. Consumers are stepping forward with confidence, leaning into its everyday applications with a keen interest for augmented experiences. And businesses are taking note.

The economic potential of AI is abounding; yet, hesitancy often overclouds investment decision making. Findings from the Responsible AI Index show that only 30% of Australian organizations have an AI strategy across the business. What’s more, on average, 1 in 10 businesses believe they have a mature approach to deploying responsible and ethical AI. Given the volatility of our current climate, the actions behind these figures hold validity. Nevertheless, moving into the future of CX means evolving alongside the future of technology, and those who do not keep up will feel it heavily in the longer term.

The second iteration of the Digital Leaders Forum, hosted by Thoughtworks and Connect Media, gathered digital leaders from across the country to deep dive into The Future of Customer Experience in the Age of AI. It was an evening of great discussion, breaking down the challenges shared between leaders as they grapple with this technology and its consumer potential. 

This report captures the themes and insights that fuelled the event.