Government has long endured its reputation as a digital laggard and rarely elicits the envy of corporates when it comes to data and technological capability. But now the pendulum is swinging.

Government has reached a data saturation point, crossing a critical mass threshold that affords insights substantial weight. For communication and public affairs professionals, this new found meaning is a deeper understanding of consumer voice, contextualised commentary and the nuanced forces driving consumer sentiment.

Threading this logic and understanding back to critical government decision-makers is changing media intelligence, and by extension, affecting how entire communication and public affairs structures and strategies are conceptualised and executed.

MELTWATER is leading this media intelligence renaissance in New South Wales, rejecting out-of-the-box corporate focus solutions in favour of bespoke government models that empower leaders to absorb and react to media forces with unmatched speed and confidence.

The New South Wales Government isn’t the only institution with a growing appetite for digitization. Hungering to change user behaviour, CONNECT MEDIA and MELTWATER gathered leading Victorian public affairs professionals from across the public sphere to examine how media intelligence and communication strategies are evolving, and how data is opening new doors and informing novel approaches to the news cycle.

Conversation was anchored in the work MELTWATER has done for the New South Wales Government, and by extension, what the future holds for communication in Victoria.